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Below are the schedules for each day.

Friday, May 22

Time (PST)TalkPresentersChairs
8:30–8:35 AMAnnouncements
8:35–9:20Dilating and Contracting ArbitrarilySophie Horowitz (UMass Amherst), David Builes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Miriam Schoenfield (UT Austin)Branden Fitelson
9:20–9:35CommentsCatrin Campbell-Moore (University of Bristol)
9:35–10:05DiscussionSimon Huttegger
10:05–10:30Break / Impromptu Zoom sessions
10:30–11:15Why Average When You Can Stack? Better Methods for Generating Accurate Group CredencesDavid Kinney (Santa Fe Institute)Catharine Saint-Croix
11:15–11:30CommentsRichard Pettigrew (University of Bristol)
11:30–12:00 PMDiscussionSaira Khan
12:00–2:00Break / impromptu Zoom sessions
2:00–2:45Kolmogorov Conditionalizers Can Be Dutch Booked (If and Only If They Are ‘Evidentially Uncertain’)Snow Zhang (Princeton University) and Alexander Meehan (Princeton University)Cailin O’Connor
2:45–3:00CommentsFrancesca Zaffora Blando (Stanford University)
3:00–3:30DiscussionAydin Mohseni
7:00–9:00Zoom gathering organized by Cailin O’Connor

Saturday, May 23

Time (PST)TalkPresentersChairs
9:00–9:05 AMAnnouncements
9:05–9:50A Qualitative Generalization of Birnbaum’s TheoremConor Mayo-Wilson (University of Washington)Mike Titelbaum
9:50–10:05CommentsLeah Henderson (University of Groningen)
10:05–10:35DiscussionDaniel Herrmann
10:35–12:00Break / impromptu Zoom sessions
12:00–12:45 PMOverconfidence in OverconfidenceKevin Dorst (Oxford University)Julia Staffel
12:45–1:00CommentsThomas Icard (Stanford University)
1:00–1:30DiscussionKenny Easwaran
1:30–3:00Break / impromptu Zoom sessions
3:00–3:45Trivializing Informational ConsequencePaolo Santorio (University of Maryland, College Park)Simon Huttegger
3:45–4:00CommentsSimon Goldstein (Australian Catholic University)
4:00–4:30DiscussionFrancesca Zaffora Blando

Sunday, May 24

Time (PST)TalkPresentersChairs
9:00–9:05 AMAnnouncements
9:05–9:50Should You Believe the Truth?Jennifer Carr (University of California, San Diego)Kenny Easwaran
9:50–10:05CommentsBrian Talbot (University of Colorado, Boulder)
10:05–10:35DiscussionAydin Mohseni
10:35–12:00Break / impromptu Zoom sessions
12:00–12:45 PMAccuracy, Deference, and ChanceBen Levinstein (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)Saira Khan
12:45–1:00CommentsRichard Bradley (London School of Economics)
1:00–1:30DiscussionFrancesca Zaffora Blando
1:30–3:00Break / impromptu Zoom sessions
3:00–3:45Noisy StereotypesBoris Babic (Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires)Daniel Herrmann
3:45–4:00CommentsZoë Johnson King (University of Southern California)
4:00–4:30DiscussionCailin O’Connor